Award Categories


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Engineering and Technical Design AwardArt Materials, Stationary Supplies and Gift Items Design AwardPackaging Design AwardCore Resources Manufacturing and Extraction Design Award
Car and Land Based Motor Vehicles Design AwardFurniture and Homeware Design AwardLandscape Planning and Garden Design AwardFuturistic Design Award
Street Furniture Design AwardFashion and Travel Accessories Design AwardWriting, Literature and Content Design AwardSecurity and Surveillance Products Design Award
Agriculture, Horticulture and Fisheries Design AwardInformation Technologies Design AwardToy and Recreation Design AwardHuman Resources and HR Programs Design Award
Interior Design AwardMaterials, Building Components and Texture Design AwardInterface Design AwardSales, Contact Center and Customer Service Design Award
Social Design AwardAerospace and Aircraft Design AwardSports, Entertainment and Recreation Equipment Design AwardMusical Instruments Design Award
Spacecraft, Spaceplanes and Spaceship Design AwardInformation Processing Tools Design AwardUnexpected Design AwardMovie and Animation Design Award
Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design AwardPerforming Arts, Style and Scenery Design AwardUrban Planning and Urban Design AwardEnergy Products and Devices Design Award
Vehicle and Transportation Design AwardDigital and Broadcasting Media Design AwardMeta, Strategic and Service Design AwardChemical Products and Consumables Design Award
Computer Graphics and 3D Model Design AwardTextile, Fabric, Textures, Patterns and Cloth Design AwardHome Appliances Design Award
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